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InnoSchool – Serious Game for secondary schools in the field of social entrepreneurship

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InnoSchool is a highly innovative InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) that was specially designed to raise awareness about social needs and improve the abilities and entrepreneurial skills of the upper secondary schools’ students. InnoSchool combines traditional classroom-based learning methods with digital elements and online simulation, thus helping build the next generation of social entrepreneurs and innovators. We created it to strengthen social innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of secondary school students.

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Why our learning system?

Quotes from teachers

Quotes from students

“The ILS fulfils key educational goals by offering students important professional knowledge and lifelong skills. It helps them become active members of the society and the setting in which they (will) work and live.”

“With InnoSchool we were able to discover our strengths, develop something new and learn innovative ways of working. InnoSchool was a nice alternative to the actual lessons.”

“ILS as a tool, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as such should become integral part of highschool curricula because they encourage development of students’ key skills and competencies.”

“At school we typically learn the theory, from time to time we work on projects. Thanks to the game, we could have prepared our own plan or strategy for setting up the business. It was great experience and definitely I would like to go through it again someday.”

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