Features and content

Main features

Digital Serious Game
via internet

Responsive web-based app, that is applying the principles of gamification in education, and is easily accessible through Internet via common browsers.

Online & Offline

Designed as effective combination of online and offline activities in classes, with the possibility to be played in purely online (distance) education mode.

6 Thematic

Six thematic modules cover the most important knowledge and skills in the field of social entrepreneurship, divided to theory parts, quizzes and open tasks and many more.

Guides for teachers

Handbook includes step-by-step guidance for teachers to perform offline activities as well as user guide for smooth work with online serious game application.

Video tutorials

Most important parts of handbook for teachers captured in easy-to-understand video tutorials in all supported languages to support teachers in usage of InnoSchool.

Support service

National support centres are ready to help with implementation of the InnoSchool into your study programs and in everyday operations.


The serious game is divided into 6 separate modules. Each of the modules consists of theory part, followed by the quiz and open tasks. This division is optimal to maintain students’ motivation and a smooth flow of the game.

Module 1

  • General overview of social entrepreneurship
  • Definition of charity, volunteering, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Difference between social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • Understanding of social needs (6 different scenarios)

Module 2

  • Key areas of social entrepreneurship
  • List of characteristics of successful social entrepreneurs
  • Identification of the sectors and companies in which social entrepreneurs work
  • Experience sharing in team discussion

Module 3

  • Solutions finding to social needs and challenges in their surroundings
  • SWOT analysis – illustration of the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen topic
  • Application of social entrepreneurial skills and critical thinking
  • Presentation of their idea for social entrepreneurship
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Module 4

  • Main questions for generating social business idea, introducing Business Model Canvas and Social Business Model Canvas
  • Marketing and management mix – segments, channels, value proposition
  • More complex tasks related to the marketing strategy for social enterprises
  • Beginning of business model creation

Module 5

  • Understanding target groups
  • Developing Social Business Model Canvas – key activities, key resources, partners & key stakeholders
  • Defining financial objectives – costs and revenues, attracting investment
  • Analysis of generated profit

Module 6 - for ADVANCED game type only

  • Developing social business plan – organization breakdown structure and risk management; financial management
  • Deep marketing mix analysis